Depression management

Depression is a real and treatable illness and you have as much right to ask for help as anyone with an obvious physical injury

Understanding Depression:

Depression affects how a person feels, behaves and thinks. It can be a debilitating mood disorder that affects people both emotionally and physically. Those who carry depression find it difficult to go about day-to-day activities and may also feel that they struggle to go about normal daily tasks and responsibilities.

Sufferers of depression also find it difficult to understand that anyone understands or cares. Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness can be overwhelming and your emotions are out of control. It is important to understand that these feelings are real.

If you are suffering from Depression, you are not alone. Contact South Coast Private on 1800 250 000 TODAY.

Patients must be referred to a South Coast Private psychiatrist for an initial assessment on suitability for entry to any program at our facility.