Alcohol and Other Drug Program

At South Coast Private, we are committed to driving excellence in the care and ongoing recovery of our patients through personalised programs and advanced evidence-based practices in an exclusive private mental healthcare facility.

Using both CBT and Motivational Interviewing Techniques, this group program is designed for patients to learn about their addiction, precipitating and maintenance factors, and ways to manage cravings and life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Patients are expected to complete homework as part of their treatment group, and share their progress with group members.

“After completing the old program (2014) and then participating in the new program in 2015, I found the new program to be far more beneficial to me in terms of quality and quantity”.

“The small group sizes and great facilitators helped me achieve my goals for the future. It is a fantastic program and I would tell others who admit they have a problem to get onto this program”.

“I feel the skills and strategies I have learnt in this program will help me prepare for the challenges I will face outside and these learnings will secure my future”.